Top 10 Things Women should Know about Men

Top 10 Things Women should Know about Men

top 10-things woman should know-about-man

Thousands of books have been written, tons of digital content has been published and hundreds of talk shows went on air which have tried to help women understand their counterparts but its not that simple. So, we also tried to put our efforts into and help the ladies understand the men around them by preparing this list of ten things women should know about men. You can always let us know about your feedback by posting a reply at the bottom of the post.

1) A man who says that he’ll call you and he doesn’t, it does not mean the he forgot it, got busy with something or lost your number. It just means that he does not want to call you. So give him some space!

2) Men hate it when you’re giving them hints about something, be straight and open with them. They like it that way.

3) The ladies who think men are not emotional don’t have any idea about them. They actually appear tough on the surface but are weak from inside.

4) Men like the women who look presentable and carry good personality. It doesn’t matter if they are pretty or not.

5) Men hate the women who overreact. So stop overreacting, ladies. You might get lucky.

6) When a man says that he doesn’t need you and leave him alone. He truly means, “Please sit beside me and listen to me”.

7) If you’re talking to a man, and he’s continuously using “umm”, “hmm” in the conversation. That means he’s bored of you and he wants you to get out of the place like right now.

8) Men, I don’t think start loving romantically before they turn 40, common level of maturity. Before this age, they hardly know anything about romance.

9) A man’s good friend almost knows everything about him and you surely can take advantage of that.

10) Getting rid of a man without harming mannishness is tricky. Saying “Get lost… I hate you and don’t want to see your face ever” would not work in most of the cases. However saying “I’m falling for you… I’m planning on my future with you… I want to spend my whole life with you” could do the trick for you.

So.. what did you like the most and which is the one you disagree with? Let us know by posting a reply.

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